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Walter Tracy (1914-1995)

Born in England in 1914, Tracy trained as a compositor with William Clowes.

From 1930 to 1935 he trained as a typesetter and worked for Barnard Press typographic studio until 1938. His next position was with Notley Advertising where he stayed until 1947 when he became a freelance designer. However his freelance days were short-lived as he was quickly recruited by James Shand to work with Robert Harling in the influential Arts & Technics publishing house which produced the journal Alphabet & Image.

In 1948, he was commissioned by Linotype to write and design Linotype Matrix, a typographical journal issued by the English Linotype Company. Towards the end of 1948 he joined the staff of Linotype and managed the typeface development programme, a position he retained for the next thirty years.

He was honoured for his work by the Royal Society for Arts in 1973 and appointed Royal Designer for Industry.


Fonts designed by Walter Tracy

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