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Verena Gerlach

Verena Gerlach

Information about the typeface designer Verena Gerlach and her fonts.

Verena Gerlach was born 1971 in Berlin and studied Visual Communication at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. Shortly after finishing art school in 1998 and two visits to the UK as an exchange student, she founded her own studio for graphic design, type design and typography.

Beside all kind of typographic print works and typedesign, Verena also art-directed several video clips and worked on the typographic production for international contemporary artists. Since 2003, Verena has been member of Berlin based font label Primetype. She has lectured in type design and typography at designakademie Berlin since 2003 and gives talks about typedesign all over Europe.

[Verena Gerlach, February 2007]


Fonts designed by Verena Gerlach:

EF Aranea
PTL Blinkenlights
PTL Blinkenlights Bold
PTL Blinkenlights Neg
PTL Blinkenlights Neg Bold
PTL Bugis
PTL Bugis LF
FF Chambers Sans
FF Chambers Sans Black
FF Chambers Sans Swash
FF Cst Berlin East
FF Cst Berlin East Original
FF Cst Berlin East Original Round
FF Cst Berlin West
FF Cst Berlin West Original
FF Karbid
FF Karbid Black
FF Karbid Display
FF Karbid Display Black
FF Karbid Display Light
FF Karbid Light
FF Karbid Slab
FF Karbid Slab Black
FF Karbid Slab Light
FF Karbid Text
FF Karbid Text Black
FF Karbid Text Light
PTL Lore
Linotype Pide Nashi One
Linotype Pide Nashi Two
PTL Strom
PTL Tephe
PTL Touja Sans
PTL Touja Slab
PTL Trafo
PTL Trafo Outline
PTL Trafo Shadow

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