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Timothy Donaldson

Timothy Donaldson

Timothy Donaldson creates letterforms anywhere using anything. Timothy has received awards for his type designs, which are available from Adobe, ITC, Letraset and FontShop International but he is just as happy making letters with pens and brushes, many of which he makes himself. Applying his personal commitment to the beauty of hand-drawn letterforms to modern type design methods has ensured that his fonts frequently reveal the presence of a joyful creativity behind the design. He would like to be known as a type designer but is prepared to resentfully accept the title of font designer.

Timothy is a Professor at University College Falmouth. Much of his work, including writing with very large brushes, and his "Museé-en-Boîte", a portable display of writing history in 20 red boxes along with other graphic work, is documented on his website.

[Timothy Donaldson, June 2015]


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