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Rudolf Koch (1876-1934)

Information about the typeface designer Rudolf Koch and his fonts.

Born in Nuremberg, one of the great centres of printing, Koch was a deeply religious man who tried to unite work and life in a harmonious whole. In 1898, he discovered art nouveau and started to experiment with calligraphy. Nearly all the types he designed later were developed from calligraphy.

He had to leave school early when his father, a sculptor, died. He served an apprenticeship as a metal worker. He got a post as designer with the Klingspor Foundry and it was here that he designed his many typefaces including Deutsche Schrift, Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift, and Locarno.

"Lettering gives me the purest and greatest pleasure."


Fonts designed by Rudolf Koch:

Eva Antiqua SG Black
Eva Antiqua SG Heavy
Eva Antiqua SG Light
FFD Neuland
FFD Neuland Inline
Geometric 231
Informal 011
Jessen Schrift
ITC Kabel
ITC Kabel (EF)
Kabel Black
Kabel Heavy
ITC Kabel Medium
ITC Kabel Ultra
Koch Antiqua
Kuenstler 165
Locarno Italic
Locarno Light
Marathon Display
Neuland Black
Neuland Star
Schmale Anzeigenfraktur
Schwabacher Deutsche Riechsbahn
Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch

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