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Ronald Arnholm

Information about the typeface designer Ronald Arnholm and his fonts.

Born in Vermont at the start of Second World War, Ronald Arnholm studied graphic design at Rhode Island School of Design, before gaining a Master of Fine Art from the University of Yale. While studying under Paul Rand at Yale, he was inspired in a type history class by the work of Nicholas Jenson; this led to a revival of Jenson's work (resulting in the font Jenson Roman).

Since the 1960s, he has been a member of the teaching staff at the University of Georgia, Athens. He is currently the university's Professor of Art Graphic Design at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, teaching typography, advanced typography, and colour theory. His commissions have included typefaces for the Los Angeles Times classified section and its headlines, as well as the WTC Veritas family for the World Typeface Center, NY. He has won acclaim for his work, leading to various awards, such as a 1964 prize in the first National Typeface Competition for Arnholm Sans Medium. In 1975 he was awarded Silver for the design of the University of Georgia's campus signage, and as recently as 1994 he received the Albert Christ-Janer Award for Creative Research.

As well as Legacy and Veritas, Arnholm is also responsible for the design of Aquarius and Fovea.

[LC, December 2009]

Fonts designed by Ronald Arnholm:

Aquarius No. 8
ITC Legacy Sans
ITC Legacy Sans (EF)
ITC Legacy Sans Bold
ITC Legacy Sans Pro
ITC Legacy Sans Pro Ultra
ITC Legacy Sans Ultra
ITC Legacy Serif
ITC Legacy Serif (EF)
ITC Legacy Serif Bold
ITC Legacy Serif Pro
ITC Legacy Serif Pro Condensed
ITC Legacy Serif Pro Ultra
ITC Legacy Serif Pro Ultra Condensed
ITC Legacy Serif Ultra
ITC Legacy Square Serif Pro
ITC Legacy Square Serif Pro Ultra

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