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Robert Alonso

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Robert Alonso

Bob Alonso was born in Bronx New York in 1946, and studied Package Design and Lettering at The School of Art and Design and The School of Visual Arts. Bob worked for 33 years at Photo-Lettering Inc. where he was Production Manager. Also working at Photo-Lettering were such great designers as Edward Benguiat, Tony Stan, and Victor Caruso who Bob learned much of his type design skills from. Bob also worked for Master Eagle and Vertis as a photo retoucher.

After retiring from the Graphics arts industry he started BA Graphics, and he continued actively designing fonts up until his death in 2007.

Some of his best known type designs include Zipty Do, Alexandra Script, Elephant Bells, California Sans, Food and Wine Didot, and Coke-Cola Script.

[DJD, March 2006]

Fonts designed by Robert Alonso