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Paul Sych

Paul Sych

Faith isn't always about religion. For most of us, it's just about believing in something - whatever that something might be for you or me. For Paul Sych, Faith seems to be a way of life, his vision realized. Since 1990 the graphic designer has built his work, his living, and his world-renowned reputation on Faith, his Canadian-based company.

The Faith studio is located in Port Credit which is a mere 15 minutes from Toronto on the banks of Lake Ontario in Canada. In 1999, Faith relocated the studio from Toronto after purchasing a former church in Port Credit, an artist's dream realized. It is here where Paul continues to push the limits of graphic design and typography.

Paul studied at both the Ontario College of Art and York University in Toronto for design and jazz respectively. After completing his studies he performed at numerous jazz establishments as a leader of his own trio ensemble exploring the art of improvisation, and started into the field of graphic design in the late '80s. Feature articles that have been written about Paul's work: How magazine (US), Print magazine (US), Communication Arts magazine (US), Step By Step magazine (US), IDN magazine (Japan), Idea magazine (Japan), and Page magazine (Germany), just to name a few. Along with this, Paul's work has appeared in over twenty hard cover books on design and typography internationally. Faith's clients include CBC, New Line Cinema, Ford, Proctor & Gamble, and Toyota.

Paul is also currently a font developer for Thirstype in Chicago, FontShop in Germany, and Fuse in London.

"I stayed with my work because of the mystery it held for me, I thought I had no apparent talent. Maybe working at it is my talent."

[Paul Sych, November 2003]

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