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Ole Schäfer

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Ole Schäfer

Ole Schäfer was born in Gütersloh, Germany in 1970 and went to study graphic design in Bielefeld. In 1995 he went to work as a type designer/Director of Typedesign & Typography for renowned design firm MetaDesign in Berlin. He became a freelance designer in 1999 and also teaches digital type design at Berlin's designakademie. In 2002 he founded the typedesign company Primetype in Berlin.

As a specialist in corporate type and design he gives lectures in typedesign, typography and editorial design. In 2006/07 he is also teacher (Prof.) in typography at FH Hildesheim. He has drawn typefaces for clients like: The Economist, New Scientist, Audi, Boehringer Ingelheim, Airport Duesseldorf and German television WDR.

[Ole Schäfer, March 2007]

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