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Max Kisman

Max Kisman, born in 1953 in the Netherlands, graduated in graphic design and typography in 1977 at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He pioneered with digital technology in the mid 1980s for magazine design and typography (Vinyl Music magazine, Language Technology magazine), poster typography (Paradiso, Amsterdam) and the Red Cross stamps for the Dutch Postal Service.

In 1986, he co-founded TYP/Typografisch Papier on typography and art. He taught graphic design and typography at various art colleges in the Netherlands. He worked and lived in Barcelona from 1989-1992, where he digitized many of his early typefaces for FontShop International in Berlin, Germany.

From 1992-1997 he was graphic designer for VPRO television in the Netherlands and became involved in interactive media for VPRO-digital and HotWired. In 1997 he moved to Wired Television in San Francisco, USA. Currently he lives in Mill Valley, California. He works for various clients in the US and the Netherlands and teaches graphic design and typography.

In 2002 he founded Holland Fonts for his own typeface designs.

[Max Kisman, November 2002]

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