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Martin Wenzel

Martin Wenzel

Information about the typeface designer Martin Wenzel and his fonts.

Martin Wenzel was born (1969) in Berlin, where he was the first in Germany to be trained in typesetting using an Apple Macintosh (1991). He studied Type and Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Fine and Applied Arts in the Hague, the Netherlands (completed 1998), where he lived until 2005.

Between 1991 and 2000, Martin published the fonts FF Marten, FF Rekord, FF Primary, and FF Profile, and contributed twice to the FUSE project with his typefaces F InTegel and F Schirft.

FF Profile, his sans-serif text face, was awarded with the Certificate of Excellence at the Type Directors Club competition in 2000.

He now resides in Berlin, working on a diversity of type design projects and combining his typographic knowledge with his long years of experience as a graphic designer.

[Martin Wenzel, March 2006]


Fonts designed by Martin Wenzel:

FF Duper
FF Duper Bold
FF Marten
FF Marten Grotesque
Ode Black
FF Primary
FF Primary Round
FF Primary Stone
FF Primary Stone All
FF Profile
Realist Black
Realist Bold
Realist Narrow
Realist Narrow Black
Realist Narrow Bold
Realist Narrow Thin
Realist Thin
Realist Wide
Realist Wide Black
Realist Wide Bold
Realist Wide Thin
FF Rekord

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