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Leslie Usherwood (1932-1983)

Born in England in 1932, Usherwood attended the Beckenham School of Art in Kent. Following this he worked for 15 years as a lettering artist in the commercial art field.

He designed his first typeface, Melure for Headliners International in New York in 1965 and went on to set up Typsettra Limited in Toronto in 1968. Typesettra offered hand lettering and studio facilities, producing advertising typography, corporate brochures and annual reports. As business developed, more staff were hired so that by the early 1980s four type designers were employed.

Throughout the 1970s Usherwood developed several typefaces for Berthold including Graphis Bold, Statesmen, and Octavia. Usherwood died unexpectedly in 1983, and since his death a number of his typefaces have been revived by Red Rooster Collection.


Fonts designed by Leslie Usherwood

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