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Konrad F. Bauer (1903-1970)

Born into a printing family in Hamburg, Germany in 1903, Konrad F. Bauer trained as a typesetter and studied art history. His whole working life was concerned with type and printing; he even continued to work with the Bauer foundry after his retirement. He died in Schönberg, Germany in 1970, aged 66.

Bauer first began working at the Bauersche Gießerei in Frankfurt am Main in 1928, and he continued to be associated with the foundry throughout his life, rising to become its art director in 1948. He also worked in various other positions, including from 1932 until 1936, as a member of the editorial staff for the Zeitschrift für Bücherfreunde (a monthly magazine for bibliophiles) and between 1938 and 1940 he was the editor of the Imprimatur yearbook. From its inception in 1952 until 1964, he headed the jury of Die schönsten Bücher Deutschlands, a competition searching for the most beautiful book in Germany. He also taught book design, type and printing at the University of Mainz in the late 1940s.

Together with Walter Baum, he designed several fonts, including Alpha, Beta, Folio, Imprimatur, Volta, Verdi, and Impressum.

[LC, November 2009]

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