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Karlgeorg Hoefer (1914-2000)

Karlgeorg Hoefer served a four-year typesetting apprenticeship from 1930-1934 in Hamburg. After military service he was employed as a calligraphy teacher at the Werkkunstschule in Offenbach, and began to design printing types, starting with Salto, produced by the Brothers Klingspor.

Hoefer created numerous further typefaces, including Saltino, Saltarello and Monsun (1954); Prima (1957); Stereo (1968); and Bigband (1974), to name just a few. Some of his newest typefaces include Omnia and San Marco, plus Sho and Notre Dame.

Hoefer has written two books about calligraphy: "Das alles mit einer Feder" (Brause, 1953) and "Kalligraphie, gestaltete Handschrift" (Econ, 1986). Numerous articles about Hoefer’s work have appeared in calligraphy journals in Holland, France, the USA, and Japan. In 1989, the book "Schriftkunst/Letterart Karlgeorg Hoefer" was published as part of Calligraphy-Editions Herbert Maring.

For his activities as a calligrapher, Hoefer received the Silver Citizens Medal from the City of Offenbach in 1989, and was distinguished with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1993.

[Otmar Hoefer, December 2001]

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