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Johannes Erler

Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1965, Johannes Erler studied graphic design in Kiel and graduated as a communication designer in 1992. He worked with Lo Breier in Hamburg and on joint projects with Neville Brody.

After graduation, he became a trainee at MetaDesign, where he met Olaf Stein. Together they founded Factor Design in 1993. Based in Hamburg, Factor Design has a team of designers and project managers. They work with clients throughout the world, including the San Francisco International Film Festival for which they developed the festival's identity, advertising, and promotional materials. Other clients include Apple, Disney, and Gap.

The studio's work has been recognised by various organisations, including the Type Directors Club. It has received many prizes, such as the Hamburg Design Award and a Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

[LC, December 2009]


Fonts designed by Johannes Erler

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