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Jim Parkinson

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Jim Parkinson

Jim Parkinson

Jim Parkinson was born in Oakland, California in 1941 and has been lettering ever since. Today he specializes in custom and retail font design and the design and repair of typographic logos for magazines and newspapers. He has designed exclusive fonts for a number of publishers including Adobe, ITC, AGFA Monotype, Chank, The Font Bureau, and FontShop. He also sells other font designs directly through MyFonts and Phil's Fonts.

His logo designs include logos for Esquire, Self, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, InStyle, El Graphico, the Detroit Free Press, the Dallas Morning News, and many other publications. Jim's font and logo designs can be seen on his web site: Parkinson Type Design.

[Jim Parkinson, December 2001]

Fonts designed by Jim Parkinson