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Heinrich Jost (1889-1948)

Born in Magdeburg, Germany, Heinrich Jost was a typographer, type designer, and graphic designer. He initially trained as a bookseller and attended courses at the Kunstgewerbe- und Handwerkerschule in Magdeburg.

In 1908 he moved to Munich. Three years later, he began evening classes at the city's Kunstgewerbeschule, studying under Paul Renner (Futura's creator) and Emil Preetorius.

He worked as a book designer and a graphic artist until 1923 when he moved to Frankfurt to become the art director at the Bauer Type Foundry. It's believed that during his time with Bauer he worked from Renner's early sketches to add detail to his Futura typeface. He is also credited with guiding Louis Höll, who cut the punches for the foundry's version of Bodoni.

He died aged 58 in Frankfurt.

[LC, November 2009]

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