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Gert Wiescher

Gert Wiescher

Information about the typeface designer Gert Wiescher and his fonts.

I went to Paris when I was very young, just for the sake of art. That caused many a sleepless night to my beloved mother, but she accepted my decision. Once I met Salvador Dali, but he did not take me very seriously. To this day I don't know why! After some years I decided to start a serious life. I got married and studied Graphic-Design at the "Hochschule der Künste" in Berlin.

Making detours, once more to Paris, then to Barcelona, where I designed the OECD-Pavillion for the Osaka World Expo at the office of Harnden & Bombelli, I reached South Africa. Grey and Young Advertising got to know me! I had to fiddle around with Agfa cameras and films, Epol dog food, several kinds of toilet paper, unbelievable insurance companies and I don't know what.

Sometime on a holiday in Munich I stayed there. Someone made me an offer I did not want to refuse. DFS&R-Dorland bought me out of South African slavery! I now became an art-director for Paulaner, CMA, Phillip Morris, and Peugeot.

Being a young adventurous man, I changed to the Herrwerth & Partner agency, which at that time was supposed to be the most creative outfit in town. Mister Herrwerth taught me to "think simple“. I was allowed to introduce IKEA into the German market. Afterwards I became Creative-Partner with Lauenstein & Partner. That was OK, until someone discovered his love for horses! That's when I rented my own office in 1982!

Since then I design some typefaces per year, I guide a couple of nice young people (apprentices) along to designer stardom. I write a couple of books and newspaper articles about design, computers, food, drink and crime! As a graphic designer I have nothing but happy clients! I am open to every challenge!

[Gert Wiescher, March 2002]


Fonts designed by Gert Wiescher (A):

  A  B  C-D  E-H  I-N  O-R  S-Z  

Alpha Bravo
Alpha Charlie
Alpha Delta
Alpha Echo
Alpha Fox Bumpy
Alpha Fox Dirty
Alpha Fox Very Bumpy
Alpha Fox Very Dirty
Alpha Jazz
Alpha Jazz Alt
Alpha Juliet
Alpha Papa
Alpha Papa Wide
Alpha Square
Alpha Square Alt
Amaro A
Amaro B
Amaro C
Amaro D
Amaro Fleurie
Angel Eyes
Ayres Royal

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