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Gert Wiescher

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Gert Wiescher

Gert Wiescher

I went to Paris when I was very young, just for the sake of art. That caused many a sleepless night to my beloved mother, but she accepted my decision. Once I met Salvador Dali, but he did not take me very seriously. To this day I don't know why! After some years I decided to start a serious life. I got married and studied Graphic-Design at the "Hochschule der Künste" in Berlin.

Making detours, once more to Paris, then to Barcelona, where I designed the OECD-Pavillion for the Osaka World Expo at the office of Harnden & Bombelli, I reached South Africa. Grey and Young Advertising got to know me! I had to fiddle around with Agfa cameras and films, Epol dog food, several kinds of toilet paper, unbelievable insurance companies and I don't know what.

Sometime on a holiday in Munich I stayed there. Someone made me an offer I did not want to refuse. DFS&R-Dorland bought me out of South African slavery! I now became an art-director for Paulaner, CMA, Phillip Morris, and Peugeot.

Being a young adventurous man, I changed to the Herrwerth & Partner agency, which at that time was supposed to be the most creative outfit in town. Mister Herrwerth taught me to "think simple“. I was allowed to introduce IKEA into the German market. Afterwards I became Creative-Partner with Lauenstein & Partner. That was OK, until someone discovered his love for horses! That's when I rented my own office in 1982!

Since then I design some typefaces per year, I guide a couple of nice young people (apprentices) along to designer stardom. I write a couple of books and newspaper articles about design, computers, food, drink and crime! As a graphic designer I have nothing but happy clients! I am open to every challenge!

[Gert Wiescher, March 2002]


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