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Gerard Unger

Information about the typeface designer Gerard Unger and his fonts.

Gerard Unger is a graphic designer, typographer and type designer. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He has been freelance since 1972. Board member of the Association Typographique Internationale and member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. Part time professor at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication of The University of Reading, UK, and part time teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.

Since 1974 he has been involved in digital type design. Some of his type designs are: (1984), Swift (1996), Amerigo BT (1986), Oranda (1987), Argo (1991), Gulliver (1993), Capitolium (1998), Paradox (1999), Coranto (1999), and Vesta (2001). Of these, both Swift and Gulliver are used internationally in newspapers, magazines and other printed matter. He has designed the typeface for the new Dutch roads signs, commissioned by the anwb and in cooperation with n|p|k industrial design, Leiden.

He has also designed corporate identities, magazines, newspapers and books. He writes regularly about his profession and has often lectured abroad. In 1997 his book about reading Terwijl je leest has been published (in Dutch). In 1998 he designed, heading a group of six designers, and again in cooperation with n|p|k industrial design, Leiden, the orientation and information system for Rome in 2000, with at its core the type design Capitolium. This type design continues the 2000 year old and unique Roman tradition of public lettering.

He was awarded the Dutch national H.N. Werkmanprize in 1984 for the way he reconciled type design and technological changes, and in 1991 the Maurits Enschedé-Prize for all his type designs.

[Gerard Unger, April 2002]

Fonts designed by Gerard Unger:

Alverata Bold
Alverata Informal
Alverata Informal Bold
Alverata Informal Light
Alverata Irregular
Alverata Irregular Bold
Alverata Irregular Light
Alverata Light
Amerigo BT
DTL Argo
DTL Argo Bold
DTL Argo Heavy
Big Vesta
Big Vesta Black
Big Vesta Light
Capitolium 2
Capitolium 2 Bold
Capitolium News 2
Capitolium News 2 Bold
Coranto 2
Coranto 2 Bold
Coranto 2 Headline
Coranto 2 Headline Bold
ITC Flora
ITC Flora (EF)
ITC Flora Bold
Neue Swift
Neue Swift Bold
Neue Swift Condensed Black
DTL Paradox
DTL Paradox Black
DTL Paradox Bold
DTL Paradox Caps
DTL Paradox OSF
DTL Paradox OSF Black
DTL Paradox OSF Bold
Vesta Black
Vesta Light

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