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Frank Heine

Frank Heine was born in 1964. Before entering the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany, he had already completed several internships with silk screen and offset printers.

During his studies Heine was employed at a graphic studio, where he worked intensively on corporate identities and graphic design/typography for museums and exhibitions. Since 1991 Heine has designed a series of new typefaces that are distributed through several foundries. Among his designs are the well-known Remedy and Amplifier Light. In 1994 he founded his own company, U.O.R.G. in Stuttgart. Besides the design of new fonts and typographic logos, the company focuses on corporate design, brochures, posters, museums and exhibitions.

Heine's work has been published in novum, Emigré magazine, Page, IDEA magazine, Graphis Digital Fonts 1, Emotional_digital, Typography 17 and 20. He is a member of BDG (the German association of graphic designers), the German "Forum Typography", and of the TDC New York.

[Frank Heine, March 2002]

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