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Fabrizio Schiavi

Fabrizio Schiavi

Fabrizio Schiavi was born in Piacenza, Italy, in 1971, and studied Graphic Design in 1989 at Istituto d'Arte in Parma. After working for three years as graphic designer for the Italian record company Expanded Music, he left to set up his own graphic design studio, FSD (Fabrizio Schiavi Design), in Piacenza. Clients of his studio include Ferrari, C.P. Company, Mandarina Duck, Philip Morris, Blu, Expanded Music, and many others.

Schiavi designs and sells many fonts through his Web site Fabrizio Schiavi Design. Some other fonts are exclusively distributed by FontShop International, Germany, and T-26, USA. Among his most well known typeface designs are CP Company (a custom font for C.P. Company) and Pragmata. He also designs award-winning web sites, and his works have appeared in various magazines and books, and have been shown in several Italian exhibitions.

[Fabrizio Schiavi, March 2002]

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