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Dick Jensen (1926-2000)

Born in 1926, Dick Jensen was the son of Swedish and Danish emigrants. His father was a sign painter and artist. He studied at the University of Minnesota and Grand Marais Art Colony, graduating from the Minneapolis Art Institute. He served with the US Army between 1944 and 1946. During that time, he saw action in Germany, France and Belgium.

After leaving the army he worked as a commercial artist at Artist Inc, K&K Freelancer, Studio One, and Tanaka Advertising. His typeface Serpentine was created specifically for the Visual Graphics Corporation.

In 1954 he married and later travelled with his wife to Europe. She sadly died in 1972. He retired in 1998, and died two years later, aged 73, in Edina, Minnesota.

[LC, November 2009]

Fonts designed by Dick Jensen

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