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David Siegel

David Siegel received his master's degree in Computer Graphics from Stanford in 1986. His first job was with Pixar, the digital studio spun off from Lucasfilm's ILM group. As an entrepreneur, he started two companies in the next ten years, both of which failed.

In 1994, he began designing web sites. By 1996, he had designed Hewlett Packard's first online annual report and had written the first book on web design. "Creating Killer Web Sites" became an international bestseller, was translated into 15 languages, and was's number-1 bestseller for an entire year. To date, it remains's longest-running number-one book.

He then started Studio Verso, a web design agency in San Francisco. He wrote a second book, on project management, that was also a bestseller. Then in 1999 he sold his company to KPMG and retired.

In late 1999, John Wiley & Sons published Siegel's first business book, called "Futurize Your Enterprise." It immediately went onto the BusinessWeek bestseller list and has since been translated into 10 languages. As a public speaker, he has given over 100 lectures. In 2000, he gave 20 speeches, all of which were keynotes, and he is represented by the prestigious Leigh Bureau.

He is the designer of several popular typefaces: Tekton, Graphite (Monotype), and P22 FLLW Eaglefeather. Tekton, published by Adobe, is one of the bestselling typefaces of all time. Graphite comes standard on all Hewlett Packard ink-jet printers.

[David Siegel, July 2002]

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