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Colin Brignall

Information about the typeface designer Colin Brignall and his fonts.

Colin Brignall was born in Warwickshire, England, in 1940. After leaving school in the mid 1950s he began work as a photographic apprentice in London's Fleet Street. He joined the type design studio of Letraset Limited in 1963 as a photographic technician. Letraset were pioneers in graphic arts products and it was here that Brignall learned the design and art skills which would underpin his career.

His first project was assisting Fred Lambert to produce the first original typefaces for the Instant Lettering range. Brignall also worked on the successful Compacta series of condensed display faces.

In 1970, Brignall took a break from Letraset to design corporate identity faces, but he returned in 1974 as a senior type designer. He produced a number of type families including Romic (1979), Corinthian (1981) and Edwardian (1983).

Brignall became the type director of Letraset in 1980, and working with a network of designers and calligrapher, he oversaw a flood of new designs. In 2000 he was awarded the infrequently given Type Directors Club (TDC) gold medal "in recognition of outstanding contributions to typographic excellence". One of the major reasons that the TDC chose to honour him was his continuing encouragement and support of new talent.

Brignall now works as typographic consultant to International Typeface Corporation.


Fonts designed by Colin Brignall:

Aachen (EF)
Aachen Bold
Aachen Medium
Aachen SB
Aachen SB Bold
Aachen SH Bold
Corinthian (EF)
Corinthian (Letraset)
Corinthian Bold
Corinthian Bold (Letraset)
Corinthian Bold Condensed
Corinthian Bold Condensed (Letraset)
Corinthian Light
Countdown (EF)
Edwardian (EF)
Harlow (EF)
Harlow (ICG)
Harlow Solid
Harlow Solid (EF)
Harlow Solid (ICG)
ITC Italia (EF)
Italia Bold
Octopuss (EF)
Octopuss SH
Octopuss SH Shaded
Octopuss Shadow
Premier Lightline
Premier Lightline (Linotype)
Premier Shaded
Retro Bold
Revue (EF)
Romic (EF)
Romic Extra Bold
Romic Light
Romic Medium
Romic SH
Superstar (EF)
Tango (Bitstream)
Tango (EF)
Type Embellishments One
Type Embellishments Three
Type Embellishments Two
Victorian (EF)
Victorian Inline Shaded
ITC Werkstatt
ITC Werkstatt Engraved

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