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Carl Crossgrove

Carl had an interest in designing typefaces from an early age, and submitted designs to several type companies in the early 1980s. He studied printing and typography at Rochester Institute of Technology between 1990 and 1994, and during this time he completed internships at Adobe Systems, as a production assistant in the type department.

After college, Carl had a variety of jobs in the graphic arts. His work took him to advertising agencies, small graphic design shops, magazines and media companies. During this time he drew ITC Minska Light for ITC, Origami for Monotype, and Reliq for Adobe.

He then joined Monotype Imaging as part of their Custom Font Team, and created Mundo Sans for the Monotype Typeface Library. For Monotype Imaging he designs custom typefaces and additions to the ITC and Monotype Libraries. He now lives in San Francisco and runs Terrestial Design, a graphic design company specialising in lettering, graphic identity, and other projects involving letterforms.

[Carl Crossgrove, September 2008]


Twitter: @CarlCrossgrove

Fonts designed by Carl Crossgrove

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