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Positive/negative fonts

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Positive/negative fonts (A - S)

Font families with positive/negative versions, to allow designers to create matching black-on-white and white-on-black text on signs and UIs, by compensating for the psychological effect that white-on-black text looks larger and bolder than black-on-white text. See also Grades, which provide a similar feature.


Aircrew Negative

ClearviewHwy 1

ClearviewHwy 1-B
ClearviewHwy 1-W

ClearviewHwy 2

ClearviewHwy 2-B
ClearviewHwy 2-W


Darkmode Off
Darkmode On

FS Millbank

FS Millbank
FS Millbank Negative

Panno Sign

Panno Sign Positive
Panno Sign Negative

Panno Sign Rounded

Panno Sign Rounded Positive
Panno Sign Rounded Negative


Signika Negative