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Doyoumean fuzzy match technology

Doyoumean is a unique search technology designed to deduce the user's intention for searches with no successful results.

Everyone has had the frustrating experience of searching on a Web site and getting the response "No matches found", even when the search term entered seemed perfectly reasonable.

Doyoumean uses carefully designed techniques to deduce what the user intended, and provide a helpful "Do you mean?" prompt with a link to a valid match. The technique succeeds in a high proportion of cases, and increases the likelihood that users will find the information they are looking for on your Web site, resulting in far higher user-satisfaction.

Doyoumean is applicable to almost all areas of search, including information databases, product searches, name searches, and directories.

The following examples illustrate typical Identifont searches solved by Doyoumean fuzzy match:


Grafitti - Do you mean Graffiti?

Eurostyle - Do you mean Eurostile?

Ariel - Do you mean Arial?

Kable - Do you mean Kabel?

Different ways of writing the same thing

New Times Roman - Do you mean Times New Roman?

Mr. Frisky - Do you mean Mister Frisky?


Helevtica - Do you mean Helvetica?

Coperplate - Do you mean Copperplate?

Alternative spellings and accents

Arnold Boecklin - Do you mean Arnold Böcklin?

Arriba Arriba - Do you mean Arriba-Arriba?