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Dave Crossland

Dave Crossland

Hacker culture was irresistible to Dave, growing up in the suburban arcadia of south west England in the 1990s. But being “good with

computers” pointed towards the life depicted in Fight Club, so in high school he dropped maths and physics for contemporary art and


Combining his interests in art and computers eventually led him to the BA Interaction Design programme at Ravensbourne College in London. By the time he graduated in 2006, he was fascinated with the potential of software freedom for graphic design and typography. He decided to free fonts.

He attended the University of Reading’s MA Typeface Design programme and graduated in 2009. In his thesis he related the history of the

software freedom movement to key concepts in type design. His student project Cantarell was included in the launch of Google Web Fonts and chosen as the default User Interface font for GNOME 3.

He travels widely thanks to the CouchSurfing project, and runs workshops on typeface design with free software along the way. He also believes that anyone can learn to draw, and Transition Towns is really important.

[Dave Crossland, May 2011]


Fonts designed by Dave Crossland

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