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Göran Söderström

Göran Söderström

Information about the typeface designer Göran Söderström and his fonts.

Göran Söderström is the founder of Letters from Sweden and has been designing type since 2006. He is self taught and has published his work through Psy/Ops, Fountain, and Font­Font before starting up his own foundry.

Göran has designed custom typefaces for Acne Studios, C&A, Zeta, Posten Frimärken, ATG, ICA, SEB, and others. His commercial typefaces are used by the likes of Red Bull, Apple, SVT, The New Republic, Pitchfork Music Festival, Helsingborgs Dagblad (a Swedish newspaper), and Rodeo Magazine. One of Göran’s typefaces has been carved in stone.

[Göran Söderström, March 2014]


Fonts designed by Göran Söderström:

FF Dagny
FF Dagny Black
Exemplar Pro
Exemplar Pro Extra Bold
Flieger Pro
Heroine Black
Heroine Condensed
Meadow Pro
Meadow Pro Black
Navelfluff Irregular
Pilo Thin
Satura Bold
Satura Core
Satura Parts
Satura Parts Bold
Satura Text
Satura Text Bold
Shabash Pro
Shabash Pro Bold
Siri Black
Siri Bold
Siri Thin
Trentor Bold
Trentor Inline
Trentor Inline Bold
Trentor Script
Trim Extra Bold
Trim Mono
Trim Mono Bold
Trim Mono Light
Trim Poster
Trim Poster Compressed
Trim Poster Condensed
Trim Poster Expanded
Trim Poster Extra Compressed
Trim Poster Semi Condensed
Trim Poster Semi Expanded
Trim Stencil
Trim Thin

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