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Graham Blakelock

Graham Blakelock was born in York, UK in 1947 moving to Leeds when very young.  Leaving school at 16 he went to work for a local studio as a junior commercial artist. All artwork at that time was created by hand so he spent much of his time drawing lettering for print. In his spare time he was experimenting with printing and creative craft projects.

His career path moved away from artwork creation in the 1980's and turned towards graphic art, with various distractions along the way - restoring an 1870's Victorian house in Ilkley, custom designing a bedroom/playroom for his two sons, building a treehouse, and designing and creating ceramics.

In the early 1990's he started producing material for a local role playing group (Dungeons & Dragons) which lead to the creation of several maps including an entire 'disc world'.  At this time, courtesy of Fontographer, he embarked on a series of local/regional alphabets for this new world. Many of these alphabets, while looking very authentic, tend not to be easily readable. The published fonts are a small part of that collection.

[Graham Blakelock, November 2008]

Fonts designed by Graham Blakelock

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