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Richard Beatty

Richard Beatty

Richard Beatty's first contact with type and printing was in 1944 at the age of 13 in his job folding the 700 weekly copies of the Keene Valley Sun on the dry plains of eastern Colorado.

Architectural and industrial design were the courses of his study in college and his life’s work until 1984. Two weeks after the Macintosh computer was introduced, he started his computer career. Since PostScript typeface design became possible with Fontographer, Beatty has produced over 500 typefaces, many for private and corporate use. Of these, 75 are original type designs in ten families, but the majority of his fonts are electronic translations of designs in lead or photo typefaces or lettering in stone or on paper. The total includes 2,350 elements in borders and ornaments in 66 fonts.

Frederic W. Goudy is Beatty's favorite type designer, and he has translated fifty one of Goudy’s types. He considers Morris Fuller Benton one of the type-world’s unsung heroes and wants to translate more of his remarkable type designs into electronic format.

[Richard Beatty, February 2008]

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