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Wesley Poole

Born in California, USA, Wesley Poole grew up in Downey. He began his working life as a musician and songwriter, but struggled to gain a foothold in the music world. Renouncing music as a career, he moved north to the Napa Valley. There he found work as stock clerk in a drug store, and discovered his love of lettering. Realising he needed to go back to school, he enrolled at Sonoma State University. He paid his way through college, producing shelf signs, and graduated with a BA in political science and economics. After graduating, he continued with his sign work. He soon convinced renowned sign painter, Rod Kirkland, to let him work alongside him.

In 1980, he started Oasis Graphics with his wife Carol. A partnership with the wine artist, Sebastian Titus followed. They continued to work together during the 1980s as Titus Poole. He is known for his wine labels, which he produced for over 25 years for wineries worldwide with liberal use of hand lettering. He has won many awards, and his work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and books.

In 2002 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He moved to Hawaii to live in a warmer climate. Despite his illness, he continues his work, as a type designer, with the help of his son, Samuel Poole.

[LC, December 2009]

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