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Ronna Penner

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Ronna Penner

Ronna Penner

Canadian Ronna Penner first discovered her obsession with type while studying graphic design in college. It seemed that the focus of many of her studies revolved around the use of type. Today, as a graphic designer, she spends her working day designing typefaces for her own company, Typadelic.

The admitted type junkie confesses that she often misses the message in advertising because she is busy studying the typeface. "I realize that is not the effect advertisers intended," she says. "If advertisers realized the importance of the proper typeface in their design, perhaps their message would be loud and clear to me. Why else do we design typefaces? To have the message understood." She also feels very strongly about type as art, "the design of type is a true artform. The result of pressing a key on your keyboard is art. Little pieces of art."

[Ronna Penner, June 2002]

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