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Ludovico degli Arrighi (14??-1527)

The 16th century was "the Age of Italics" in Italy, where it was invented. If the italics of the first quarter of the century were Aldine (after Aldus Manutius), then the next quarter were Vicentino (after Ludovico degli Arrighi da Vicenza). He invented a formal cursive italic while employed as a scribe in Rome at the Papal Chancery.

Before that, he had been a calligrapher. He published his own writing manual 'La Operina' in 1522, which taught people how to pen this style. He then turned printer and his new italic was soon widely copied throughout Europe. It is thought that he was killed when Rome was sacked by mercenary armies in 1527. In the 20th century there was renewed interest in his types when they were revived by Stanley Morison.


Fonts designed by Ludovico degli Arrighi

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