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Patricia Lillie

Information about the typeface designer Patricia Lillie and her fonts.

Patricia Lillie was born in Ashtabula, Ohio in 1958. In 1976 she moved to New York where she divided her time between Parsons School of Design and CBGB. Upon leaving art school, she became a really good waitress. After a particularly hard day pouring coffee and serving sticky buns, she decided it was time to buckle down and focus.

Since then she has, among other things, written a few picture books, created a few picture fonts, and designed a few display faces. In 1986, Ms Lillie left New York to return "temporarily" to Northeast Ohio. She's been there ever since.

She would rather be designing type than doing almost anything else in the world. Just don't ask her for a refill on your coffee...

Ms Lillie's fonts include:

Typefaces: From Patricia Lillie Fonts - Benderville, Elegeion Script, Fidelma, Horsefeathers, Sluggo. For ITC - ITC Cinderella, ITC Tickle, ITC Tickle Too. Image Club Fonts - Alleycat, Burweed, Chilada, Whassis, Whimsy, and more.

Picture Fonts: From Patricia Lillie Fonts - Lil' Diddles, Lil' Mug Shots (Critters & Hunamoids), Lil' Idgits. Image Club Fonts - Mini Pics Doohickies, Mini Pics Lil Creatures, Mini Pics Lil Critters, Mini Pics Lil Edibles, Mini Pics Lil Fishies, Mini Pics Lil Flowers, Mini Pics Lil Folks, Mini Pics Lil Stuff, and more.

[Patricia Lillie, December 2003]


Fonts designed by Patricia Lillie (A-O):

  A-O  P-Z  

Alleycat Bop
Boppa Delux
Boppa Delux Black
Boppa Delux Fat
Boppa Delux Heavy
Burweed Thorny
Chilada Cuatro
Chilada Dos
Chilada Tres
Chilada Uno
ITC Cinderella
Elegeion Script
Farrier Black
Farrier Bold
Farrier Inline
Farrier Shaded
Gargoil Ornaments
Horsefeathers Bold
Horsefeathers Buzzsaw
Lil' Diddles One
Lil' Idgits
Lil' Mug Shots Critters
Lil' Mug Shots Humanoids
Mini Pics Doohickies
Mini Pics Doohickies Too
Mini Pics Lil Ancients
Mini Pics Lil Creatures
Mini Pics Lil Critters
Mini Pics Lil Dinos
Mini Pics Lil Edibles
Mini Pics Lil Events
Mini Pics Lil Faces
Mini Pics Lil Features
Mini Pics Lil Fishies
Mini Pics Lil Flowers
Mini Pics Lil Folks
Mini Pics Lil Stuff
Mini Pics Lil Vehicles
Miss Kitty Delux

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