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Alfredo Marco Pradil

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Alfredo Marco Pradil

Alfredo Marco Pradil

Alfredo Marco Pradil is a designer from the Philippines specialising in graphic design, web design, visual merchandising design and type design.

He has a special affinity for type and has been designing and developing typefaces since 2012. Among his type design works (to name a few) are Hans Kendrick (which was followed by Neue Hans Kendrick), Glacial Indifference, Einstellung, Radnika, HK Grotesk, HK Serif, and Hans Grotesque.

In December 2015 he was commissioned to create an exclusive typeface for Dean & Deluca. In February 2016 he was commissioned to work on an exclusive typeface Extremis Compakt for the furniture design company Extremis (Belgium). In June 2016 he was commissioned to work on Dell's Alienware typeface. In July 2016 he created the Mobilo typeface in collaboration with Jeroen Krielaars of Animography, which was brought to life by 236 animators around the world.

[Alfredo Marco Pradil, November 2016]

Twitter: @marcopradil

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