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Ole Søndergaard

Information about the typeface designer Ole Søndergaard and his fonts.

Ole Søndergaard studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. After working as a graphic designer at an architect's office between 1964 and 1971, he established his own design practice in 1973. Since 1966 he has also taught graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.

Between 1985 and 1995 he was co-founder and partner of Eleven Design A/S, designing signs and signposting systems for banks, office blocks and public buildings in Denmark, Sweden, and the Middle East.

He has designed corporate identity programmes, logotypes, annual and environmental reports, brochures, packaging and magazines for Danish and international companies, as well as designing complete alphabets and pictogram systems.

Ole also works and exhibits as an artist, especially with water colour. He enjoys sailing in the Scandinavian waters, and diving and underwater photography in the tropical seas.

He is a member of the Danish Design Council and IIID. He has won a number of prizes, including The Danish Design Prize in 2002.

[Ole Søndergaard, June 2004]


Fonts designed by Ole Søndergaard:

FP Elsinore OsF
FP Elsinore TF
FP Palina
FP Public
FP Quality 01
FP Quality 02
FF Signa
FF Signa Black
FF Signa Condensed
FF Signa Condensed Black
FF Signa Correspondence
FF Signa Correspondence Bold
FF Signa Extended
FF Signa Extended Black
FF Signa Serif
FF Signa Serif Black
FF Signa Slab
FF Signa Slab Black
FF Signa Slab Bold
FF Signa Slab Extra Light
FP Silly 01
FP Silly 02
FP Stage

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