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Vincent Figgins (1766-1844)

Information about the typeface designer Vincent Figgins and his fonts.

Vincent Figgins was a British punchcutter and typefounder who worked as an apprentice to Joseph Jackson from 1782, and left to set up his own foundry in 1792. He is credited with the design of the first slab-serif or Egyptian typeface, which he released under the name Antique in 1815, on which Egiziano Black was based.

His most influential typeface was Monotype Ionic, created in 1821, which became widely used for body text by the newspaper industry. It was the model for many twentieth century newspaper typefaces.

[DJD, October 2007]

Fonts designed by Vincent Figgins:

Egiziano Black
Figgins Antique
Figgins Tuscan
Giza Five Five
Giza One Five
Giza One One
Giza One Three
Giza Seven Nine
Monotype Ionic

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