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Diane DiPiazza

Diane DiPiazza

Information about the typeface designer Diane DiPiazza and her fonts.

Diane DiPiazza grew up in Lodi, New Jersey inches away from Manhattan. She spent her early years as a Catholic school girl where her schoolday consisted of one hour of church, two hours of english grammar, and four hours of art. An unlikely concentration of studies to be sure; she learned how to behave in church, she can spell your, you're, there, their, they're, and can appreciate art with a heavy emphasis on fine art and pop art. She loves Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Robert Maplethorpe and Patti Smith equally.

She's been the original bass player for The Misfits, a student at William Paterson University, The School of Visual Arts, a marketing research analyst, a graphic designer and a type designer. She owns dincTYPE and Mystifyingly Glad Design. She lives and works in Hoboken New Jersey and rides a Vespa scooter. She hates TV, except when she sees her typefaces.

[Diane DiPiazza, February 2007]

Fonts designed by Diane DiPiazza:

Blue Valentines
Kiss Me
Lonely Sandwich
Road Crew
Woody (DincType)

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