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Jill Bell

Jill Bell

Jill Bell lives and works in Los Angeles creating logotypes, icons, and hand-lettering for advertising, packaging, and entertainment, as well as doing web and print design. Jill has designed and digitized original faces for Fontek and ITC, Adobe, Agfa/Monotype and others as well as for clientele such as Disney and Johnson & Johnson. Most of her lettering work is designed to capture and retain a handwritten feel, and this is also true of the majority of her fonts, such as the popular Gigi and Smack.

Jill is a graduate of UCLA (English) and Otis/Parsons (Advertising/Graphic design). She worked as a calligrapher, sign painter, and a production artist for Saul Bass before going into business for herself.

[Jill Bell, January 2003]


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