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Norbert Reiners

Norbert Reiners

Norbert Reiners was born in 1967 in Germany. After finishing his vocational training as a typesetter in 1991, he went on to the Fachhochschule Aachen, where he studied visual communications and graphic design under a number of teachers including Professor Werner Eikel (calligraphy), Professor Doris Casse-Schl├╝ter, and Professor Klaus Mohr (typography). Before earning his degree in 1996 he already began working as a type designer and has been designing fonts ever since, if the everyday work permits him to do so.

He has published six font families at different type foundries: Linotype Octane and Eirinn LL at Linotype Library; FF Tarquinius Plus and FF Tarquinius Cyrillic at FontShop; Ossian EF, Domingo EF and Flamingo EF at Elsner+Flake. He is currently working on OpenType versions of Octane and FF Tarquinius.

[Norbert Reiners, April 2006]


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