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Evert Bloemsma (1958-2005)

Evert Bloemsma took a degree in Graphic Design at the Art Academy in Arnhem, The Netherlands, in 1981. He then moved to Hamburg to work on the production of digital fonts at URW. While working there he digitised a first version of FF Balance.

Between 1993 and 2004 he published four type families, each of which pushed forward the boundaries of type design: FF Balance (1993), a general-purpose sans serif which extended the principles of inverted contrast shown in Antique Olive (1993); FF Cocon (1998), a display typeface which omitted the spurs normally found on sans-serif typefaces; FF Avance, a distinctive serif typeface (2000); and FF Legato, a highly-legible text face (2004).

Evert Bloemsma wrote about architecture, type design and photography for magazines such as Forum, Page, Graficus, Vormberichten, Prepress Magazine, and Druk. He also taught type design at the Art Academy of Breda.

He was a keen cyclist, and rode a high-tech reclining bike. He showed photographs of its unconventional shape in lectures to demonstrate the relative freedom of industrial designers compared to type designers. It was a great loss to the type community when he died suddenly of a heart attack at his home in Arnhem, The Netherlands, at the age of 46.

[DJD, October 2008]

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